iMusicUSA Mission Statement :

America is Our Studio

To record, produce, publish, and promote REAL ARTISTS that give REAL PERFORMANCES,
and that make their own contribution to their respective art form.

ANALISA - Signed at age 17, she has one of the most tone perfect Pop voices of her generation. In addition, she ranks as one of the world's most accomplished songwriters in the Pop / Jazz genre. Analisa also plays keys, violin, guitar, and trombone.

DARIN LEMON - Living in the 'mondaks' of northern Florida, this artist really is what so many other Country stars emulate - his gravelly voice and excellent songwriting are complemented by his 2 sons, Cody and D.J. in the Pop Country band.

NIKKI NASH - Already recognized by Billboard as one of the 100 Most Influential Women In Music, 'The Songbird of the South' has a #2 CD and 4 top 25 songs to her lengthy credits. She is widely regarded as the dominant Appalachian / Americana artist alive today.

THE BETRAYALS - For the last 21 years, this Alternative / Rock and Roll band has reigned #1 UG in the Bay Area. Recently introduced to the mainstream, The Betrayals have charted Top 25 in the U.S.A., Europe, Japan, and Australia.

RJ Starr (Rodne Jolay), Joe X (Joey Esposito), and Big Bennie (Bennie Murray) formed the core of the band, each having earned Top 25 credits as both a performer and indy producer.

Higher One (Jimmy Ward) and Bobby Venom (Robert Jordan) bring virtuoso talent and past success with METROVOX to the equation of this major arena / festival act.